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Detoxification Services for Adults and Adolescents

Gateway takes action against addiction through convenient, cost-effective detoxification programs.


Using a combination of medical and clinical procedures, Gateway helps people safely undergo the physiological and psychological effects of detoxification from drugs and alcohol.


We offer both residential and outpatient detoxification services for adults and residential detoxification services for adolescents.



Adult Detoxification Services

Our community-based adult detoxification facility located at 555 Stockton Street, is designed to receive, assess, detoxify and stabilize clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  A typical stay for alcohol detoxification is 4 days unless there are complications. Detoxification from prescription drugs, methadone and other opiates may take 7 to 10 days.   


If you think you need detoxification services you can call us at 904-387-4661 x1103 to speak with our medical staff.

Our Outpatient Detoxification Services offers minimal intrusion into busy lives, by providing treatment that enables individuals to continue working and stay at home. Client eligibility is established through self and clinical assessments, screenings, medical histories, and physical examinations.



Adolescent Detoxification Services


Please call for information about detoxification services for adolescents.


(904) 387-4661 x1408   


Click here for additional information about our adolescent treatment services