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Adolescent Treatment Services

Gateway can help you find your way in the direction of recovery...


A comprehensive assessment by an experienced counselor will help us recommend appropriate services for your child.


Our residential services are designed to provide your child with the skills to be successful in life.  Your child is placed in a safe and healthy environment designed to nurture their potential to overcome the challenges they face.  Supportive services may be continued in the community and in your home after your child completes the Residential Program.


Our outpatient services are designed to build kills for your child to live a healthy and drug-free life while your child continues to live at home.  Services can be provided in our offices, in your home, or at school for some students.  Services are planned around your busy schedule.


Using a 12 Step-Model Recovery Support Services are designed to strengthen your family's recovery beyond residential and outpatient treatment.




Each adolescent is offered a well-designed program, individually customized to address his or her specific needs.


Services include:


Individual and Group Counseling


Your child will participate in individual and group counseling and attend community support groups.



Family Therapy


To help the family support the child in their recovery, you will be asked to participate in family therapy.



Educational Support


An onsite school program provided by the Duval County School System ensures academic progress continues through treatment.



Trauma Treatment


Because involvement with drugs puts children at risk of traumatic encounters, trained counselors access each child's need for trauma treatment.  Gateway provides nationally recognized interventions for children who have been traumatized



Physical Fitness and Nutrition Training


This well-balanced program provides health and fitness classes including balanced meal plans and an organized physical fitness program.



Creative Therapy Methods


Your child will participate in theraputic activities to enhance treatment such as equite, art, and other experiential therapies.



Life Skills Training


This program provides oppourtunities to help your child learn how to navigate life's stressful situations without using alcohol or drugs.




Frequently Asked Questions


Can I choose what type of treatment my child receives?


With your imput our staff completes a comprehensive assessment of yhour child and makes a recommendation based on that assessment.  Our staff will work with you to determine the best type of treatment for your child.



How can I afford treatment for my child?


We accept many insurance companies.  Treatment for your child will be provided based on your ability to pay for services.  Our staff will help you determine a solution for your family through a financial assessment.



I agree my child needs residential treatment but will they fall behind in school?


Through a partnership with the Duval County Public Schools, we ensure that your child's academic progress is uninterrupted through treatment.  We work directly with your child's school prior to enrollment and continue through the process until your child is ready to return to their home school.  This ensures no interruption in your child's education while in treatment.  Recently 50% of our youth scored in the highest percentials of the 2010 fcat.



When Your Child Needs Help With Their Problems:


Gateway Community Services is committed to taking action against addiction by providing a variety of services to adolescents using alcohol, marijuana, and other drugs.


Since 1991 more that 7,300 adolescents suffering from substance abuse and addiction have received services from Gateway Community Services.


Gateway's adolescent residential treatment program has produced outcome that are close to 10% higher than the national averages for adolescents remaining alcohol and drug free one year after discharge.  The national average for children staying in residential treatment more that 30 days is 50%, while more than 70% of Gateway's clients stay in treatment over 30 days as a result of our individualized services and family program.




Help is Just a Call Away:


(904) 387-4661 x1400





Duval County Public Schools

Florida Department of Education

National Child Traumatic Stress Network

PACE Center

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The Cultural Center of Ponte Vedra beach

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